The Beauty That Surrounds

Exploring your world through your lens

New Forest C'est Tranquille

So I've heard a lot about New Forest but never got to see it with my eyes and my cameras. This needed to change! The forest was full of life and colours, especially the autumn leaves, invading into the scenery, determined to make its statement! New Forest is home of the the New...



"Do you want to take photographs of zombies for charity?" Well, if we believe the walking dead as fiction, there are no such things as zombies right? So I thought to myself "why not?" I imagined a really bad Halloween party on the streets with lipstick everywhere from excessive, poor-put on...


The Highs and Lows of Durdle Door

It's bank holiday Monday! It seems written somewhere that this is the day for an adventure! The sun is shining in the sky, not forecasted to rain for the next couple of days (important as with the English weather, you cant rely on just one days' forecast!) Even got some calls from friends to...