"Do you want to take photographs of zombies for charity?"

Well, if we believe the walking dead as fiction, there are no such things as zombies right? So I thought to myself "why not?" I imagined a really bad Halloween party on the streets with lipstick everywhere from excessive, poor-put on make up and everyone with their hands out making their best zombie imitations.

But to my surprise it was far from that....

Having met up in central London, this zombie accumulation was something that would scare the mere mortal, no matter how high their gore threshold is.

That day had it all! From ninjas.... carrying very sharp objects..

to the bride and off course her groom

even rabid animals were involved!

but what got to me in the midst of the gore;

was when some zombies got their back pierced for this occasion just to put a ring in the hole and pass ropes and chains through the rings to be pulled by their captors!

An extreme length to go, but why knock it was it all in aid of; St. Mungo’s, a charity that does amazing work for the homeless by reaching out to rough sleepers and helping them off the street

Please give to support their cause

Another great day of adventure for my camera and I!!